Sowing a Seed

This text was yesterday’s Verse of the Day, and it stuck with me.

There are certain expectations when it comes to growing crops.

An investment on the part of the farmer is expected.

He or she invests time, money and other resources in hopes of reaping a bountiful harvest.

Should life be any different?

A lot of us want to “sow a seed” then just sit back and watch it grow.

But where’s the nurturing? Where is the daily watering, the weeding and so forth? What are we investing?

Solomon tells us that there is a time for everything.

IT will not happen before God’s appointed time.

So you want a house – are you saving towards that down payment?

You want a better-paying job – are you sharpening your skills or bettering your qualifications?

Are you doing a good job where you’re currently planted so that when the time comes for you to move on, they will be sorry to see you go, but thrilled to recommend you?

You want a spouse? Are you asking God to improve your own character while seeking that person with your list of dream qualities?

The text reminds us that the sowing season will probably take serious sacrifice; tears may even be shed.

The waiting season, before the harvest, can also be difficult. We live in this “instant” world, and we are not used to waiting.

Unfortunately, there are times when the farmer experiences what looks like failure; bad weather or pests might destroy the budding crops, and it may seem like all hope is gone.

What can the farmer do? Nothing, but start all over again.

Things don’t seem to be progressing?

Keep the faith. Trust the process.

God’s timing isn’t ours, and He sees the big picture.

Thankfully, we are assured that eventually the waiting will be over.

Harvest time is a wonderful time.

Consider it! You sow a seed, literally a single seed and what is your potential return?

An entire plant!

Isn’t that amazing?

One seed, blessed by God, yields so much more!

What is my point?

Give that seed to God. Whatever it is you’re hoping for, longing for, wishing for, can’t stop dreaming about; give it to God.

Sow your seed, put in the necessary work, and wait for God to send you a harvest, in His time.

Ask a farmer – He never fails!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Amen. Love this


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