Resilience in the Crucifixion Story: The Upper Room

Hanging tough; pushing through the pain; dealing with difficulty. Resilience.

Put yourself in Jesus’s shoes.

You are only a day away from the fulfillment of your earthly mission.

You are in the Upper Room; the Passover meal has been prepared, and you are about to share it with your closest allies. Well, all but one, whose love of money supercedes his regard for you.

Everyone looks around; no servant is present and 26 dusty, dirty feet wait to be washed.

Sighing inwardly at the lessons still unlearned, you walk to the towel that has been laid out, put it around your waist and set about tilting the bucket of water over the bowl.

You could hear the whispering among the men. Surely, you, their soon-to-be king will not be washing their feet. They are still concerned about their status in the mythical, earthly kingdom, clueless of what is to really come.

Imagine Jesus’s despair; the time is almost at hand, and His squad is of no use.

Who wouldn’t have considered abandoning the entire plan?

But Jesus pushes through the disappointment, and one by one, He washes their feet.

He comes to Judas. He KNOWS that Judas has already betrayed Him. But tonight it will be made public.

How do you wash the feet of one who has rejected everything you have stood for, have tried to teach him?

How do you wash the feet of the one who sold you out? How do you look Him in the eyes?

With His heart sorrowful over Judas’s inevitable end, a reliance on God the Father, and with the big picture – the salvation of mankind – on His mind, Jesus pushes through the pain and washes Judas’s feet.


“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” John 15:13 KJV.


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