What Have You Done for Him Lately?

I’ve often wondered why the folks you see or read about in those missionary reports, in the sometimes far-flung corners of the world, seem so on fire for God, when compared to us.

In many cases, these people have little or next to nothing. Yet, they give of their time, talents and other tangibles to furthering the work of God.

On the other hand, many of us who are privileged to live a better standard of life, find it difficult to do the same.

What is it that these people have that we lack?

If I had to guess, I’d say – a genuine love for, and dependence on God.

When you do not have much or anything, who but God can you depend on?

When you acknowledge that your entire existence is at His discretion, how can you help but love Him for His awesome favour?

I read a devotional this week that asked, “Has your blessing become a burden?”

And that might just be at the heart of the problem.

We might just have too much; to the extent that we feel that we can exist without God. Much less tell someone else about Him.

We have careers, homes, vehicles, friends, money, influence; but where does God fit in?

Not only do the folks mentioned earlier give of their tangible best, but they’ve surrendered the ultimate, intangible to God – their hearts to His will.

So ask yourself, does God and His work have a place in my life?

If the answer is no, then what’s stopping you?

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