It Pays to Remember

Remember. An imperative. A command. An urging not to forget.

As humans I’d say we are pretty good preservers of memories.

Albums are crammed full of pictures that only hint at the precious stories behind them. Ok, media cards and cloud storage.

Headstones, plaques and busts remind us of loved ones passed or contributions made, depending on where they’ve been placed.

Walls, statues and national holidays bring to mind immense sacrifice or painful tragedies that we desperately wish not to forget.

Museums and other buildings attempt to squeeze spans of shared history under one roof.

Whatever the form, we can all agree that remembering is important. It keeps the memory of the past alive, with us.

And we know that unless we make a concerted effort to remember, with time, the memories inevitably fade.

The devil knows this too.

This is why he tries to keep our attention; he wants us so distracted that we forget;

forget God’s goodness;

forget God’s provision;

forget God’s deliverance;

forget God’s intervention.

Friends, he desperately wants us to forget.

Will we allow the enemy to have his way?


So do whatever it takes to remember.

Keep a journal.

Pray daily.

Read the Bible often.

Share God’s love with others.

Testify of His goodness to someone else!

Review, revise, recall, reflect. Oh friend, remember!

Like the Psalmist, let us make this our desire.Make today a Tuesday to remember.

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