Pick Me

I’m sure you’ve either seen it on TV or have been in a class with a child like this.

He or she knows the answer to the question. So in a desperate bid to catch the teacher’s attention, they stretch their hand as high as they can, waving it frantically while crying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Often this happens when the teacher is trying to give other students a opportunity to answer.

As time goes by, the child becomes distraught because the wrong answer has been given over and over. Why won’t the teacher give them a chance?

At this point they may even shoot out of their seat, still waving frantically and pleading, “Teacher! Pick me! Pick me!”

Maybe you’ve even been that child, so you can understand their frustration.

When I read Isaiah 26:11a, I couldn’t help but picture Jesus. “Lord , your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it.” (NIV)

In this world, filled with dazzling distractions designed to pull our attention away from God, I feel like He is that child, waving frantically to us, trying to get our attention. “Pick me! Pick me!”

Instead we are looking elsewhere for solutions; we are giving everyone and everything else a chance.

Sometimes we leave Him no choice but to use “desperate” measures to get our attention.

Friends, God wants us to trust Him with our problems, to be there for us in our difficulties.

He KNOWS the answer – won’t we give Him a chance?

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