The Parent Gardener

Parenting can be challenging. At times it can be downright painful; especially when you see your children diverting from the path on which you’d set them.

In a sense, it’s like planting seeds. You till the soil, and make every effort to keep the environment free of weeds; you water and you nurture; all of which takes love and sacrifice.

But when you gaze at your garden you sometimes wonder whether you’d done something wrong.
Your plants don’t appear to be thriving although you’ve done the best you could.

Thankfully, we can take courage in the following verse, “Those who wept as they went out carrying the seed will come back singing for joy, as they bring in the harvest.”
Psalm 126:6 GNT

We are assured that the sacrifices we’ve made, the tears we’ve shed and the prayers we’ve prayed won’t go unrewarded.

Recently, I read something which basically said that your child can run away from their upbringing, even from their church, but they can’t run away from their parents’ prayers.

I don’t know who this is meant for today, but I’m sharing it in the hope that you are encouraged, that you are strengthened to continue praying for your children; to persevere even when it seems like a hopeless case.

Remember, that child of yours also has a Heavenly Father who is keeping an eye out for him or her.

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself as a parent; to wonder whether you have done or are doing the right thing.

But we can only do our best, and leave the rest up to God.
If there ever was a perfect parent, He is.
So don’t worry, He’ll fill in the gaps.

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