Banking on Faith

The devil has temporary dominion over planet Earth.

We need to remember that when we see horrible things happening around us or to us. Many people are quick to blame God, but the Bible tells us these things will happen before God returns to reclaim His world.

We are human, and our faith may waver when we face trials. But if we’ve made enough deposits of faith, we should have enough to draw from as the need arises.

We will not remain in the doubting stage, but we will eventually move onward while looking upward.

However, if we have deposited nothing; if we’ve failed to develop a relationship with God; if we’ve failed to hide His Word in our hearts, what can we draw from?

In the midst of a financial crisis, we can’t withdraw what we didn’t save.

In the same way, if we don’t nurture our relationship with our Heavely Father, we won’t be able to trust Him. We won’t think to depend on Him.

Why? Because we don’t know Him!

I mean, who will trust their life to a stranger?

Any human relationship that is of value to us requires effort to maintain.

Our relationship with God is no different. We won’t be able to allow Him to direct our path; we won’t be able to know that come what may, He is working things out for our good.

Not if we don’t get to know Him first.

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