A Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before You today acknowledging that You are God of the universe, and You are worthy to be praised.

The very breath that flows through our nostrils is here only because You allowed it, and for that we thank You.

Father, we know that You are still in control, even in the midst of the chaos the enemy has rolled out on this planet.

Father, we know that you did NOT send this plague. However, in the Bible, whenever you allowed something painful to come to pass, it was meant to bring reconciliation between You and mankind; Father, we have stopped living in accordance to Your will; we have become arrogant; we no longer see the need for You. Forgive us Lord.

We know that our job as Christians is not to figure out Your mind, but instead to have faith and to trust in You.

So Lord, until the time comes when You allow this plague to pass, help us not to waste time with whys but to keep close to You; to keep our eyes fixed on You.

Help us not to give in to fear, knowing that fear does not come from You. Fear is from the enemy; it is a symptom of stress which weakens one’s immune system. This is what the enemy wants, but help us to fight that fear with faith.

Give us the strength to switch off the devices that bring fear into our homes and into our hearts. Instead, bring to our minds the verses of scripture that encourage and uplift us and may we focus on them. Give us your peace Father as only You can give.

Create in us a hunger for Your Word – help us to read our Bibles – to get to know You more and more – the incomprehensible love You have for us and the sacrifice You made to redeem us; the rebellion that the enemy began many years ago that still rages on today; your plan to reclaim this earth and bring an end to all pain and suffering.

God, help us to pray like we have never prayed before – not just for our families but for wisdom for our leaders; for protection for health and all other essential workers who do not have the option of working from home; for our neighbours; for our friends; for healing for those who are sick: for provision for those who lost their jobs; for our church families; for our co-workers; for everyone!

Finally, help us to be your hands and feet – to show your love to others; to call and check on the vulnerable in society who may need assistance; to help, in tangible ways, those who may lack basic necessities of life; to cheer up or encourage someone who may be isolated and depressed. May our actions mirror Jesus’s when He was here.

Father, may You be pleased with the way we interact and react during this crisis. May we truly represent what it means to be a follower of Yours to those who do not yet know You.

May our lives be such a witness that they are prompted to get to know You for themselves.

And until you decide to return, to bring Your redeemed home, may we be found faithful, waiting and watching for You.

In Jesus’s name we pray,

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