A Monday with a Difference

There are some key words and phrases in this verse to take note of:

1. Blessed be the Lord – in other words “Praise the Lord” or “He is worthy to be praised!” Why?

2. Daily – meaning EVERY, SINGLE DAY. Without fail; reliable and dependable. That is how God is to us and for that He is worthy to be praised!

3. Loadeth – an old fashioned word yes, but one cannot think of load without picturing something heavy; something difficult to hold up or to bear. Except this time, load is used in a positive way.

4. Benefits – God is heaping a heavy load of good things on us.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the good in the middle of a crisis.

But make a conscious decision, a concerted effort to count your BLESSINGS!

I guarantee once you start, you will surpise yourself at how good God is to you, DAILY.

So God woke us up this morning, let’s give Him the worship He deserves.

We have food to eat and a home to be confined to, let’s be thankful.

We have to work from home, let’s praise Him for having a job.

We have people around who may need help, let’s lend a (figurative) hand in a literal way.

We know someone who may be alone, let’s call them up! Physical distancing is not the same as Social distancing.

Have a marvelous Monday! Make today count!


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