Stand Still

In Exodus 14, the Israelites had just been miraculously delivered from bondage in Egypt when God directed Moses to camp in the desert with the Red Sea ahead of them.
The Israelites, looking back, could see their captors, the Egyptians in hot pursuit, and they began to complain.”They said to Moses, “Weren’t there any graves in Egypt? Did you have to bring us out here in the desert to die? Look what you have done by bringing us out of Egypt!” Exodus 14:11 GNTUnbelievable! The people who had been crying out to God for deliverance were complaining about having been delivered.Are we like that today?We ask God for a spouse and at the first sign of marital strife, we ask God why He sent this person into our lives.We ask God for a new job and at the first sign of pressure, we ask God what He was thinking sending us there.Well God is saying the same thing to us that He did to the Israelites, through Moses, all those years ago.”Moses answered, “Don’t be afraid! Stand your ground, and you will see what the Lord will do to save you today…The Lord will fight for you, and all you have to do is keep still.”
Exodus 14:13‭-‬14 GNTStand still; let the Lord fight for you.Standing still implies our complete dependence on Him.Standing still implies trust in God.Maybe that’s where our problem lies. We forget too easily.It hadn’t been more than a day or so since the Israelites’ miraculous deliverance, yet they had forgotten. They didn’t trust God who got them out to keep them safe from the Egyptians.This is why it’s important for us to remember, recall and rest.Remember where you had been – why you wanted a change and what you had asked God for.Recall how He brought about the change you asked for.Rest in the confidence that the God who did THAT for you will SURELY take care of any obstacles you are facing.And He does this in different ways. Many of us pray for our challenges to go away. But God didn’t make the Red Sea disappear; instead He took the Israelites through it.God may not remove our challenges from us, but He will definitely help us through it.We’ve only got to trust Him.So today, stand still.#TryHimTuesday

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