The Pressing

I was recently cooking some food when it came time to turn it.

I was using tongs, but try as I could, I wasn’t able to grasp the food. I just couldn’t get a good-enough grip to flip it.

My frustration grew as I kept trying because I knew that the food would not be properly cooked unless it was flipped.

And if that didn’t happen, it would be of no use to me.

Finally, I realized that if I squeezed the sides, the pressure resulted in not only a bulge in the middle, but I was able to get a hold good enough to turn it and continue the cooking process.

Suddenly, it occurred to me.

Remaining in our current comfort zone results in stagnation.

Growth never happens without change.

And while that change is sometimes painful, it is necessary for transformation.

Could it be that God, knowing that we won’t change, that we won’t be transformed, unless we go through the pressing, allows it for our benefit?

In life there are many painful moments that we would skip if we could. Yet hindsight often shows us that the end justified the means.

Take a pregnant woman going through labour – that’s no fun. But would she give up the baby she finally gets to see after carrying it for 40 weeks? Not a chance!

My point?

Feeling pressured stinks! And just like my food was doing, many of us try to wriggle away, to avoid God’s grasp.

But consider how many things undergo pressure before emerging at their fullest potential.

The good news is that God never abandons us in the middle of the pressing.

So I want to enourage you, despite what you’re going through today, hold on.

This too shall pass.

You probably don’t believe me now, but one day you’ll have a powerful testimony.

One day, you’ll look back and see the purpose in the pressing.

One day, you’ll be able to explain the positives of the pressing.

That day may not be today, but it’ll happen.

I promise you.

#FaithSteps #TrustHimTuesday

Image credit: stevepb via Pixabay

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